What Ghosting Made Me Feel and Why One Should not Do it, EVER!

We all have been there. We all have done that. Ghosting someone. Leaving them in the middle of a confused and disappointing state. We stop answering other person’s texts or calls without any valid reason. It leaves you with a lot of uncertainty and unexplained series of questions.

A recent incident made me think about it. I was talking to a guy who happened to be one of my very few good friends. He was very delightful to me. We used to talk almost every day, used to pull each other's pants down every time we talked and it went on for hours and gradually we grew very fond of each other’s company. At least, this is the thought I culminated in my mind.

Then, one day he says, “ I do not want to talk”. I felt angry and asked, “What made you say that?” I knew for a fact that he is just kidding because he has done this before but I was done hearing the same phrase again and again from someone I happened to like so much Even if it’s a joke**

It made me realize that I should take my own time and think before responding to him. The very next day, I received a text which said, “Good Morning”. Now how would you feel about that? Would you reply instantly? Would you wait? So many questions and not a single answer.

I waited a while before sending a reply saying, Good Morning! He didn’t like it and asked me to maintain the distance and immediately blocked me from everywhere. I could not call, I couldn’t text. It nearly gave me a heart attack.

It broke my heart to see how a person who I admired so much once, could not think about the consequences he created for me. I was devastated and trying to chase someone who left me hanging in the middle. It hurt more because I didn’t see it coming from a good friend.

I was dealing with depression for quite some time and still, the fear of abandonment is a big hindrance on my way to feeling content. I believe that with effective communication, you can sort anything out but Ghosting to me sounds wildly inappropriate and extremely atrocious. Ghosting someone without any rationality makes you unkind. You could always make a separate path for yourself without being unreasonable with the other person but the latter is just not cool.

If you are planning to ghost someone any time soon, I want you to take a step back because it can leave anyone, even you feeling confused, hurt, and paranoid. To be honest, I have always felt that the word Ghosting itself is, uncool.




There are few things in life that make you stop and wonder at beauty of it all| Traveller| Dreaming in Food| Educator @unacademy

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Shweta S

Shweta S

There are few things in life that make you stop and wonder at beauty of it all| Traveller| Dreaming in Food| Educator @unacademy

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